UNIDO Expert Training, Module 2- Implementation of Energy Management Systems (EnMS) in accordance to ISO50001, in the frames of the EnMs replication programme in cooperation with Evn Macedonia

April 25, 2018

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The Expert Training for the implementation of the Energy Management System (EnMS) in accordance to the UNIDO Methodology and ISO 50001 (GEF – UNIDO EnMS USER Training Programme), implemented in the frames of the GEF – Project UNIDO “Catalyzing market transformation for industrial energy efficiency and accelerate investments in best available practices and technologies” is being held in the premises of REC CO Macedonia on April 25, 26-27, 2018. The training is a part of the EnMS replication programme implemented in cooperation with EVN Macedonia in several companies in the Republic of Macedonia.

The purpose of this Expert Training – Module 2 – IMPLEMENTATION is training of representatives of the energy teams of several companies in the Republic of Macedonia for the essential implementation of the Energy Management System in accordance to ISO 50001, the benefits of implementing of EnMS, implementing of operation control, monitoring, documentation and possibilities for continuous improvement of the energy performances in companies. This training is the third in a row of the overall programme and second expert training, which will contribute to the building of national capacities for implementation of the Energy Management System in industry. About 15 participants from different industries are expected to participate in the training. Trainers will be the UNIDO qualified EnMS Experts Mr. Mirko Ristevski, grad. el. Eng. and Mr. Zlatko Gjurchinoski, grad.el. Eng.