Expert Training for Capacity Building for Compressed Air Systems Optimization (CASO)

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Sep 24–29, 2018









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Expert Training is held in the premises of REC CO Macedonia in the period September 24-29 2018, in the frames of the UNIDO Program for Capacity Building for Compressed Air Systems Optimization (CASO) in the industry.

This training is a follow up of the first User Training held in November 14 – 16, 2017 where 15 engineers that fulfilled the conditions to be a part of the Expert Training were selected.

The theoretical and exercise secion of the 6 day training will be held in the premises of REC CO Macedonia, while 1 day is dedicated for visit of the host company for this training – Cementarnica Titan – Usje in Skopje, where he compressed air line will be visited. Previously, the compressed air measurement equipment was installed in the host company and based on the measurement results, the possibilities for optimization on an realistic case study will be analyzed and discussed.

The participants of the training will be trained to independently implement the assessment of the compressed air systems in the industry and to prepare optimization measures.

This training is a part of the activities for the development of the industrial energy efficiency market on the project “Catalyzing market transformation for industrial energy efficiency and accelerate investments in best available practices and technologies the Republic of Macedonia" implemented on behalf of UNIDO and mutually executed by REC CO Macedonia, the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, the Ministry of Economy, the Energy Agency and the Macedonian Bank for Development Promotion.

The project has the scope to decrease Greenhouse Gas Emissions through accelerating the transformation of the Macedonia Industrial Energy Efficiency market (IEE) and the catalyzing of the: increased use and requirements of the best IEE practices and technologies, the offer or relevant consulting and investments services, as well as support of the IEE framework policy.

The Expert Training for the Compressed Air Systems Optimization in the industry is lead by Mr. Tom Taranto, a leading UNIDO international CASO Expert.

Besides him, moderators on the training are the International Expert Mr. Albert Edward Williams, supported by the National Consultant for compressed air Mr. Goran Tanchevski.

Fifteen representatives from the industry of the Republic of Macedonia are present on the training, and they all use compressed air in their processes and technologies.