Improving auto fuel economy in the Republic of Macedonia

Подобрување на политика за економичност на гориво

Fuel Economy Policy

March 2019 | Print | Book

REC Country Office Macedonia (REC COM) implemented the project “Stabilizing greenhouse gas emissions from road transport trough doubling of global vehicle fuel economy: regional implementation of the global initiative for fuel economy”, under the GFEI. It builds on the outputs of the “Fuel Auto Economy Baseline in Macedonia” where a national auto fuel economy baseline estimate for Macedonia along with fuel economy projections and trends using Global Fuel Economy Initiative methodology, tools and expertise have been developed, which formed the evidence base to support the development of a national auto (light duty vehicle) fuel economy policy.

The ultimate goal of the Project is to develop, jointly with relevant stakeholders, a National Fuel Economy Policy Paper, to publicize policy measures with the general public and to submit the Policy Paper to the Macedonian Government for adoption. The Policy Paper comprises proposals for the improvement of the data records of registered vehicles to also include the CO2 emissions declared by the manufacturer and share the data with relevant stakeholders, a comprehensive set of policy reforms in the vehicle tax schemes and a strategy for “greening” the vehicle fleet.

It is hoped that this Policy and the many examples, experiences and practices contained in it will support legal practitioners and policy makers in making well-informed decisions when drafting, implementing or aiming to improve their policies, strategies and action plans related to improving local air quality and reducing climate change impacts from the transport sector.


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