National promotional event: “The business case for energy efficiency in North Macedonian industries”

November 25, 2019 | By Milena Manova Ilikj

Within the framework of the GEF-UNIDO project “Catalyzing market transformation for industrial energy efficiency and accelerate investments in best available practices and technologies in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” on 21st November (Thursday) 2019 REC – Country Office Macedonia, together with the Chamber of Commerce, and the Energy Agency of the Republic of North Macedonia have organized the national industrial energy efficiency (IEE) promotional event: The business case for energy efficiency in North Macedonian industries”.

The aim of the event was to address the value of implementing IEE best-available technologies such as energy management systems and energy system optimization. The event highlighted the importance of implementing energy efficiency in industry as one of the most useful and cost-effective measures to increase product competitiveness and reduce CO2 emissions.

The event was opened by Ms. Peeva-Djuric, Executive Director of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia. Тhe introductory welcome session comprised the openinig speaches of: Mr. Nuredini, the Minister of Environment and Physical Planning, Mr. Nehri Emrula, Director of the Energy Agency and Mr. Ismail Luma, State Counselor at the Ministry of Economy. The introductory session was concluded with the short speech of Mr. Marco Mateini, the UNIDO International Project Manager, who gave a brief overview of the project's achievements.

The event was attended by more then hundred delegates. Among the participants were representatives of: Government and public institutions in charge of developing/implementing policies and programmes on industrial energy efficiency and climate change mitigation; Industrial companies and SMEs; Development Bank of North Macedonia and commercial banks; Academic and scientific-research institutions; National energy efficiency service providers to industry and other sectors; civil society organizations, including women-led associations.

The project which is implemented by UNIDO and the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC) Country Office Macedonia (COM) with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning (MoEPP), the Ministry of Economy (MoE) and the Energy Agency (EA) of North Macedonia, gives the opportunities to partner companies in acquiring knowledge and experience in energy efficiency improvement by using the best practices and technologies available in the world. The project successfully trained 30 technical experts on energy management systems and energy system optimization using the UNIDO methodology for measuring, modeling and forecasting energy consumption of industrial enterprises. The energy management system (EnMS) was introduced in 21 companies and energy saving measures were proposed, which usually require no or little investments.