Memorandum for cooperation with Municipality of Dojran

Memorandum for Cooperation with Municipality of Dojran

February 14, 2018 | By bpetrova

Today, the Head of Mission of the Regional Environmental Center, Mr. Igor Slavkoski and the Major of the Municipality of Dojran Mr. Ango Angov have signed Memorandum for establishment of strategic cooperation between REC and Municipality of Dojran for join implementation of projects for protection and promotion of the natural values of the Dojran Lake.

Having regards that the Dojran Lake enjoys the status of a protected area pursuant to the Law on designation of the Dojran Lake as a Monument of Nature as of 2011, (Official Gazette of RM, No. 52/2011) and appreciating the value of ecosystem services that Dojran Lake provides to the wellbeing of its population and tourists, this is considered as important step towards sustainable future.

Aware of the need to work, along with the local self-government, the expert and civil society community on valuating the ecosystem services and fostering sustainable fisheries and tourism practices, and based on the bilateral Agreement between the Board of Directors of REC for Central and Eastern Europe and the Government of the Reublic of Macedonia, REC and Municipality of Dojran have decided to join efforts and capacities for long-term sustainable management and protection of Dojran Lake values.

By this document, REC is expressing its readiness and strategic priority for investment of its expert and other capacities in activities for protection of the natural values of the Dojran Lake. REC Macedonia is implementing project for development of capacities for sustainability of the Dojran Lake for 3 years.

In the frame of the event, Mr. Igor Slavkoski, Head of Mission of REC Macedonia together with the Major of Municipality of Dojran Mr. Ango Angov and the DIrector of the Museum of Natural Science of Macedonia Mr. Metodija Velevski have visited "Teh Museum of wildlife of Dojran Lake", first subsidiary of the Museum of Natural Science of Macedonia sited in Municipality of Dojran. During the visit and walk through the staging, REC donation, they have discussed the possibilities for better promotion of the Museum and its accessibility for tourists.